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Remember the fake Page Six item that Paris Hilton commanded her then-publicist Rob Shuter (pictured in his highlighted glory) to plant back in 2006 about aging heiress and former Stabby Nachos Paris Latsis flame Zeta Graff getting kicked out of a club while 'Copacabana' played in the background? Yeah, us neither, because Paris Hilton has done about four million other retarded things since then. Anyway, rather than subjecting us all to another circusy trial, Paris has opted to settle out of court, and that reliable source Page Six claims she forked over about $2 million. They're just glad that Richard Johnson won't be forced to recite the lyrics to Copacabana on the stand, "as he did during a deposition." And now it's stuck in your head, and that's the only impact this news has had on the world.

Paris Settlement A Real Gem [NYP]