Congratulations to this year's crop of hard-partying gays! The latest GHB-related death last weekend on Fire Island quickly follows on the heels of an "unprecedented number" of drug overdoses at the annual Pines Party on the last weekend in July, that big circuit party at which shirtless guys try to do just enough but not too much drugs (and, apparently, fail). Not noted in the report that follows from the president of the Fire Island medical offices—an unprecedented number of arrests of drug dealers at the party this year as well.

We regret to inform the Fire Island Pines Community that there was a death this morning, Saturday, August 18, 2007, of a 31 year old healthy man from a reaction to GHB.

This tragic incident follows an unprecendented number of GHB overdoses at the Pines Party, July 29.

Putting this together there is a strong liklihood that the GHB being distributed in the community is particularly toxic and dangerous.

We circulate this information to encourage all Pines and Grove residents to stay away from any GHB.

Of course it is better not to take any illegal drugs as there are no known ways to reverse their side effects. But all the overdoses we have seen in the last four weeks have included GHB.

Dr. Ed Schulhafer, M.D.
Board of Directors
Pines Care Center, Inc.