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A little while ago, a representative from ABC's program publicity department wrote in to let us know that the Cavemen-on-the-street shoot encountered by a pair of our readers (whom, by the way, we know not to be affiliated with ABC) at Hollywood's Gower Gulch shopping center yesterday afternoon was not connected with the network's series. Despite our utter confusion about why some guys in Neanderthal make-up and a camera crew not on the network payroll would be chatting up the series (weird!), we are happy to pass along this clarification about ABC's avowed non-involvement in whatever it was going on at the Gulch.

But, obviously, this raises some mind-melting questions: Who were these mysterious cavemen? Were they Geico's Cro-Magnons, bitter that their characters were being co-opted by primetime TV, having a little fun with passers-by? Were they auto-insurance-and-network-unaffiliated pranksters with a generous prosthetics budget, just trying to stir up trouble? (That one-episode-to-cancellation crack was harsh.) And more perplexing still: last night, another tipster sent in this photo showing cavemen who seem to match the description of the Gulch crew and a dude with a boom mic, claiming that they were "crashing the Ivy" around 1 p.m. yesterday (about an hour or so before the Gulch encounter), but that backdrop looks decidedly un-Ivy-like to us in its dinginess. Get out of our fucking heads, unevolved demons!

While we don't have any hard answers at the moment, only one thing is certain: We've just spent a lot of time thinking about how Cavemen, coming to ABC on Tuesdays nights this fall, has nothing to do with all that bizarre stuff we just wrote about. But we'll get to the bottom of this, we promise.

[Update: The mystery Cavemen were postivively identified outside The Ivy.]