"The case against Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick has exposed a split within both the NAACP and the larger African-American community, as some activists condemn Vick's role in the deaths of fighting dogs and others cast him as a victim of a racist justice system," an MSNBC article revealed yesterday. Who are some of the dog-murdering quarterback's defenders? Well, you'd expect Al Sharpton to step up, right?

Good point, Al! The injustice of it all! One problem: MSNBC's article (since corrected) wasn't exactly quoting the reverend's personal blog at all: It took the passage from NewsGroper, a fairly popular parody site, which includes the words "Fake Parody Blogs" in the title bar of every one of its pages. The next time someone trots out the adage about bloggers not being reporters, we're going to note that reporters aren't exactly reporters these days either.

Vick case divides African-American leaders [MSNBC]
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