Dina Lohan: "My Children And I Are In A Wonderful Place In Our Lives"

  • Hey, Dina Lohan, your daughter Lindsay's in rehab for the third time and you're being sued right and left and even your ex-con ex-husband is looking like a good parent compared to you. What do you have to say for yourself? ""My children and I are in a wonderful place in our lives, and people just want to make things up and see us fail!" To be fair, though, Cirque Lodge does seem like a pretty wonderful place. [24Sizzler]
  • Former Jane staffers are pissed that subscribers are getting Glamour now instead. ""I want all the Jane readers to just cancel, rather than get Glamour," one ex-staffer griped. "I hope they call and say, 'I don't want this. Give me GQ, anything but this.' " [Page Six]
  • Nicole Richie went to jail for 82 minutes. WTF, California. [TMZ]