Glaring Omissions reproduces tips received from readers in the last week that weren't covered on Gawker, either by accident (it happens!) or by design (it happens more often).

  • "der gwker,

    i'm writing to pologie for not ommenting tody—beue you mut be relly upet. the dell tehniin jut fuked with my hit nd now i hve wek aaaaaaaa, wek ccccccc, i'm sssss-lesssssss, nd i'm hving hrd time getting ny zzzzzzzzzz. in ddition, i hould tell you tht i m entirely hiftlesssssssssssss now well.

    i wnt the rel.

    kthx bi."
  • "I just started working in publishing, and thus, I just discovered gawker (I'm a big fan of the snarky wit, so, holla). Getting down to it, I was reading the post about modern love, which reminded me of SAVAGE LOVE (in the portland mercury), which is amazing. I guess my point is, look at it and write more pithy goodness?

    probably useless, but hey

    p.s. i think i have an e-crush on balk. whoever the fuck he is."
  • "Seeking clarification on the Arriana Huffington/ Cory Booker relationship. Really, I like fusion, but I don't put strips of baloney in lime kool-aid"
  • "To the President and Editor,

    I broke the story concerning the Bourne Ultimatum advertisement outside of Matt Damon's apartment under a pseudonym email address to GAWKER weeks before THE POST or ANY OTHER MEDIA outlet covered the story. Due to your ineptness and insulated coverage of a news worthy event (including the blockbuster movie of the summer), Gawker will receive no coverage or sprinkle of respite based on your poor or, rather, absent coverage.

    [name reluctantly redacted]

    P.S. All contacts with celebrities or newsworthy events will be streamlined unequivocally to your competition. Good luck.

    Life is not meant to be easy, my child; but take courage: it can be delightful.
    George Bernard Shaw"

  • "Why have you not mentioned Toni Senecal's triumphant return from maternity to schlock news on Fox 5? She virtually invented the "stand in the street and be really loud about a fake trend" style of journalism that's the lifeblood of our network broadcasts. Even after the part about wanting a "mocktail" b/c she's a nursing mother? Toni
    puts on a few post-baby pounds and you don't acknowledge her - safe place for womyn my ass."
  • "Jesus Christ, I'm so yay'd up and I'm trying to go to sleep but I can't so I'm just writing to say that I love your website. Except that you should make more fun of that enormous pussy Foer and less of poor balding Frey, because poor balding Frey doesn't deserve it so much; he's just a cracked out and largely demented Hemingway; and Oprah is mostly a bull; and Nan T is incapable of a counter-HARPO blitzkrieg; and Frey is mostly a mediocre writer who unwillingly contracted Severe Over Hype Syndrome. THANKS DUMBSHIT MARKETERS! On the other hand, JSF is a fucking puss, and his nauseating sentimentalization and juvenile stylistics make him worse than that dude who wrote Tuesdays With Morie. Oh, and I cry every time I realize that I spent mad euro on his (Foer's) book — I was vacationing in Nice at the time and wanted a good 'beach book'; Extremely Dumb and Incredibly Lame proved a tragic let-down. Oh, and I think that chick that Emily chick or whoever appears sexily on Red Eye is as hot as they come. MORE RED EYE, PLZ.

    P.S. Fuck that Ronson chick!! AND FUCK L.A. Less than zero fuckers etc..

    Love from R.I. (yeah, that's right, that fucking tiny place). —P"

  • "I'm sure you guys will be unimpressed with this one, but US magazine has stolen your "signature analysis" spot....personnally, I would rather read about Kim France's supposed world domination than the Jessicas. omg, did you hear? She's totally datin Justin Timberlake!!! But really, who am I kidding. It's August, things are slow and I'm bored out of my mind too."