Glaring Omissions reproduces tips received from readers in the last week that weren't covered on Gawker, either by accident (it happens!) or by design (it happens more often).

  • "der gwker,

    i'm writing to pologie for not ommenting tody—beue you mut be relly upet. the dell tehniin jut fuked with my hit nd now i hve wek aaaaaaaa, wek ccccccc, i'm sssss-lesssssss, nd i'm hving hrd time getting ny zzzzzzzzzz. in ddition, i hould tell you tht i m entirely hiftlesssssssssssss now well.

    i wnt the rel.

    kthx bi."
  • "I just started working in publishing, and thus, I just discovered gawker (I'm a big fan of the snarky wit, so, holla). Getting down to it, I was reading the post about modern love, which reminded me of SAVAGE LOVE (in the portland mercury), which is amazing. I guess my point is, look at it and write more pithy goodness?

    probably useless, but hey

    p.s. i think i have an e-crush on balk. whoever the fuck he is."
  • "Seeking clarification on the Arriana Huffington/ Cory Booker relationship. Really, I like fusion, but I don't put strips of baloney in lime kool-aid"
  • "To the President and Editor,
  • I broke the story concerning the Bourne Ultimatum advertisement outside of Matt Damon's apartment under a pseudonym email address to GAWKER weeks before THE POST or ANY OTHER MEDIA outlet covered the story. Due to your ineptness and insulated coverage of a news worthy event (including the blockbuster movie of the summer), Gawker will receive no coverage or sprinkle of respite based on your poor or, rather, absent coverage.
  • [name reluctantly redacted]
  • P.S. All contacts with celebrities or newsworthy events will be streamlined unequivocally to your competition. Good luck.

    Life is not meant to be easy, my child; but take courage: it can be delightful.
    George Bernard Shaw"
  • "Why have you not mentioned Toni Senecal's triumphant return from maternity to schlock news on Fox 5? She virtually invented the "stand in the street and be really loud about a fake trend" style of journalism that's the lifeblood of our network broadcasts. Even after the part about wanting a "mocktail" b/c she's a nursing mother? Toni
    puts on a few post-baby pounds and you don't acknowledge her - safe place for womyn my ass."
  • "Jesus Christ, I'm so yay'd up and I'm trying to go to sleep but I can't so I'm just writing to say that I love your website. Except that you should make more fun of that enormous pussy Foer and less of poor balding Frey, because poor balding Frey doesn't deserve it so much; he's just a cracked out and largely demented Hemingway; and Oprah is mostly a bull; and Nan T is incapable of a counter-HARPO blitzkrieg; and Frey is mostly a mediocre writer who unwillingly contracted Severe Over Hype Syndrome. THANKS DUMBSHIT MARKETERS! On the other hand, JSF is a fucking puss, and his nauseating sentimentalization and juvenile stylistics make him worse than that dude who wrote Tuesdays With Morie. Oh, and I cry every time I realize that I spent mad euro on his (Foer's) book — I was vacationing in Nice at the time and wanted a good 'beach book'; Extremely Dumb and Incredibly Lame proved a tragic let-down. Oh, and I think that chick that Emily chick or whoever appears sexily on Red Eye is as hot as they come. MORE RED EYE, PLZ.
  • P.S. Fuck that Ronson chick!! AND FUCK L.A. Less than zero fuckers etc..
  • Love from R.I. (yeah, that's right, that fucking tiny place). —P"
  • "I'm sure you guys will be unimpressed with this one, but US magazine has stolen your "signature analysis" spot....personnally, I would rather read about Kim France's supposed world domination than the Jessicas. omg, did you hear? She's totally datin Justin Timberlake!!! But really, who am I kidding. It's August, things are slow and I'm bored out of my mind too."