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TechThatOut believes it's caught Morgan Webb, host of derivative, me-too, copycat tech videoblog WebbAlert, exposing her ... scalp? The screenshot is a bit blurry, raising questions about whether Webb is actually missing some follicles or just had her hair pulled back too tightly. But it does make one wonder why TechCrunch editor Michael Arrington went gaga and declared her "fairly hot." A quick survey of Valleywag's temporary officemates got a different ruling: "fairly scary." But there's something equally scary, and even balder, about WebbAlert.

WebbAlert discloses on its website that it has "barter arrangements" with other FM-represented sites. But that's not the sales pitch that Webb's husband, founder Rob Reid, gave some FM bloggers. Contrary to what the WebbAlert site claims, Reid made suggestions of link-swapping that went beyond mere ad barters. And from the appearance of things, Arrington, among others, took the bait, linking generously to WebbAlert after its launch. Federated Media executives, of course, insisted it was all just a coincidence. Of course. We'll just try not to notice the ethical bald spot here.