· Remember, Lisa Marie Nowak, adult-undergarment-wearing, crazy-in-love astronaut? When Toni Collette finally gets the call for Breaking Orbit: The Lisa Marie Nowak Story, this clip of her asking to be freed of her cumbersome electronic ankle monitor will help the actress more fully inhabit the surefire Emmy-winning role.
· "Hey, that Hannah Montana show/Law & Order: Criminal Intent episode sounds a lot like my idea for a secret-rockstar-in-high-school show/third-place-winning script contest entry!" say aggrieved writers in different stages of the tilting-at-studio-windmills process.
· Don't watch this if you'd like to avoid seeing moving images of Jack Nicholson eating a sandwich while shirtless.
· The Dirty Sanchez crew is including a barf bag with their DVDs; don't be surprised if their stateside competitors decide to up the ante by packaging a fart mask in a special directors' cut of Jackass 2.
· The world held its breath when Katie Holmes nearly fumbled Suri while twisting an ankle in Paris, but quickly exhaled once it saw that her omnipresent baby-retention team was on hand to make sure no harm could come to the infant.