Observed this weekend on an uptown A train: a typical subway scene. An entrepreneurial sort was selling DVDs from a canvas messenger bag slung over his shoulder; titles available included Rush Hour 3, Mr. Bean's Holiday, and The Bourne Ultimatum, all for the low, low price of $5 each. "That won't even get you in the door of the theater!" he proclaimed. Which is true. Have you been to a movie lately? Jesus Christ. Anyway, deals were available if you were interested in purchasing more than one movie. Also, if you were leery of the quality of the DVD, this resourceful man had a solution.

He pulled out a portable DVD player, one of the ones you can buy now for like $99, and offered to play the discs for anyone interested in a purchase. Such service! He stayed in the car for several stops, showing mostly Rush Hour 3 (perhaps that's why it's dropping at the box office?) and making several sales. He said he's often on the A train, so you can probably catch him if you time it just right.