ABC "World News" anchor Charlie Gibson wasn't interested in funning around with T.V. comedian Stephen Colbert and his fake campaign against "wrist violence," even though other big T.V. anchors did. HuffPo blogger Rachel Sklar talks to the Times about going on the Colbert show: "It's a test. If you play along, you're funny and cool, and if you don't, you're stiff and boring. How people like Brian Williams and Katie Couric react to him are an indication of what they are really like—their instinctive reactions are measures of their good humor and authenticity and humanity." That is SICK. It's the worst, most antijournalism, most cult-of-personalityish, upside-down end-of-days take on what newsreaders, even in their current reduced state, should be that we've heard in ages. Also: Those appearances exhibit Katie Couric's authenticity? Yeah. No. Maybe the opposite of authenticity actually.