Around 1 a.m. today we got an email from one of the Hamptons kids that we wrote about on our last trip to the East End. (They were hanging out downtown when we met them, getting the hairy eyeball from uptight New York summer Hamptons people.) We're publishing it for a couple of reasons. First of all, it's a benefit of this medium that we get to have subjects of stories respond; if Google News can do it, why not us? And also, because we pretty much agree with it!

i just wanted to thank you for makin us look like a bunch of fuckin idiots and time you come to our town dont even bother talkin to one will ever understand..look at all the comments people wrote about us..all that bullshit that they have no clue about...most of us there have full time jobs..while your sittin there takin our picture i had a couple of hundred dollars in my pocket..people get the wrong idea and its people like you that make us hate city fuckers even more...we wake up every day give it all weve got and then some and its good enough for us but never good enough for assholes who write comments about us like time get a real good picture of us and about our lifes..not with your fuckin camera either...take a mental picture of what it just might be like out here because we dont sit in an office and push pens around and get paid i said its good enough for us and we dont blow our parents money away...our mommy and daddy arent rich we make it on our own and support ourselves...not everyone out here is rich..thats the summer see why we hate you fuckers so damn much..and as far as that fts was in memory of my best friend and she happend to pass away in a car crash...most of us in that picture have gone through more shit in our lives by the time we were ten then most adults do in a lifetime....quote me all you want word for word on your fuckin website...i dont have to defend me and my friends...maybe well never drive a fuckin mercedes or anything like that...but were all makin it the best we can and so far its workin because what we have out here is more important than money...its called honesty loyalty trust and respect...if you have that anything you need in life will come your way...even when you have a couple of pennies and a ball of lint and thats it...we are all there for each other till the end....and thats something money will never fuckin buy...thats the mentality out here