BLACK ROCK CITY — No power-geek sightings to report, unless you count yours truly, blogging faithfully from Center Camp in Black Rock City, where the Burning Man sense of community has extended far enough to enable a pretty kickin' Wi-Fi signal. We're all checked in and assimilated into our home base. The tent has been staked deep into the fragile playa surface with rebar, and blown away. The tent has been staked down again, this time with longer rebar, and blown away. The tent has been tied to the van, staked down with longer rebar and filled with gallons of water. So far it has not yet made another bid for freedom. The weather is a balmy 82 degrees with cooling gusts of wind and intermittent lung-choking dust clouds. I am presently sitting in Media Mecca, where happy hour is in full swing. This is how Burning Man's overseers control their image, by plying reporters with Internet connectivity and alcohol. Most of the time, at least. We just had our first Internet outage of the week, kids. There was swearing. Mark your scorecards accordingly. More as it makes itself apparent.