"We are having more of a presentation than a show, with models walking down the runway to inhabit tableaus vivant, or living painting," wrote socialolgay Kristian Laliberte to a company from which he's trying to get free stuff for his fashion week goodie bags. Heh. What other fabuleus things are in store for those lucky enough to be invited to Unruly Heir's Spring/Summer '08 Fashion Event at the Soho Grand?

  • "Our hosts include Ian Somerhalder, star of Lost, Evan Ross, who has 5 movies in post-production, and is also the son of Diana Ross, and Penn Badgely, star of the highly anticipated new show Gossip Girls."
  • "We have also asked our unofficial brand ambassadors here in New York to host the show—Euan Rellie, British socialite and entrepenuer, Peter Davis, fashion writer and man about town, and Luigi Tadini, Brazilian Model and international bon vivant." I love that Brazilian Model is capitalized. It makes this sentence read even more like poetry. Like, "The Soul selects her own Society —/Then — shuts the Door —/Peter Davis, fashion writer and man about town/and Luigi Tadini, Brazilian Model and international bon vivant."
  • "Confirmed attendees include: Byrdie Bell, Derek Blasberg, Genevieve Jones, Tinsley Mortimer, Olivia Palermo, Lyle Maltz, Padma Lakshmi, Leven Rambin, Q-Tip, Josh Hartnett, James Macavoy, Petra Nemcova, Helena Houdouva,Tatiana Boncompagni Hoover, Kipton Cronkite, and Dabney Mercer. *This list
    is still in formation." Still in formation, eh? We hear some of these "confirmed attendees" don't even remember, uh, being invited!
  • "Our DJS are EB Sollis III and Alexandra Richards (daughter of Keith)."
  • "This event's attendees include New York's top socials, hot up and comers in Hollywood, and numerous editors from the top fashion magazines. Unruly Heir is a mixture of prep and streetwear—a fusing of sensibility. This year's collection is entitled "Port Authority meets Palm Beach" and reperesents a synthesis of the founders aesthetics."
  • "Let me know if I am missing anything." Oh no, Kristian, I think you've got it covered.