Wall Street executives at Burning Man? You bet. Though there's nothing farther from the cutthroat, moneymaking world of Wall Street than the anticapitalist, anticorporate festival of radical self-expression known as Burning Man, we found several New York business executives and Wall Street types who are heading out West this week and staying through Labor Day. In the dusty, storm-ridden desert flatlands north of Reno, Nevada, is a place dubbed Black Rock City, home of the biggest little countercultural festival in the world.

The folks at Portfolio examine the phenomenon of Wall Street douchebags intermingling with hippie douchebags at some festival in the desert which climaxes in the immolation of a giant, totemic douchebag who symbolizes the douchery in all of us, but particularly hippies and people who work on the Street. What's the appeal of the event for businessfolk? The massive collaborative art projects, the refreshing charge of out-of -the-box creativity, and the chance to smoke massive amounts of reefer while banging busty hippie chicks who don't have any idea that Goldman isn't actually a festival where the main attraction is a giant icon constructed of gold. Good for them!