A while back, a friend of ours posted a list of "Blog Cheese" cliches like "Blogging drunk. Blogging drunk about how you shouldn't/never blog drunk. 'Cryptic' blogging to seem mysterious. 'Cryptic' blogging to send a secret message to someone. Introducing people at a party by their blog name." Today, Post dater Mandy Stadtmiller adds another item to that long and treasured list: After saying that you've taken a "hiatus" from posting on your blog, making an exception to "defend" yourself against someone who has "libeled" you on the Internet.

The "libel" in question is this comment, which basically accuses Mandy of being a bitchy weirdo who's in love with herself. (And hey, who isn't?) Mandy uses the platform of her blog to take on her accuser.

1) Spectacular. This is from a girl named A., who when I sent out an email about moving to New York wrote me saying she knew a band I was friends with. She also (I just checked the original note she sent me) brought up how tall I was because she said she had a couch I could stay on that was limited to someone who was 5'7". So that's why I would have said my height. I think she then talked about how men treated her based on her looks, saying they expected a dominatrix-type role, so I said what do you look like? She said she was brunette and heftier. Cool, whatever, I'm not the one who brought it up.
2) It was pretty clear she was a little out there, so I got off the phone as quickly as I could, but then she called me up soon after. Why? She had a great opportunity for me to invest in a play she was putting up. Jeez, A., do you think if I would have invested in your play you wouldn't be libeling me on Gawker? I wonder!
4) I'd also like to make a special plea: If I ever say anything along the lines of: "Stock brokers, lawyers, bankers, diplomats, I've had them all," you have full permission to shoot me directly in the face. Thanks so much.
5) Lastly, would like to point out that when I talked to A. I was literally a few weeks fresh from a divorce after having spent nearly a decade with the same guy, which makes the line, "I've had them all," even more comic and ridiculous.

So now more people know about this girl's accusations, and Mandy comes off as a score-settling whiner who misuses the word "libel." And none of this—none of it—is anything either of these people would ever say to each other in person.

Blogs. Seriously: Kill them all.