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On Sand Hill Road, MILF stands for "mothers I'd like to fund." The mommy-blog frenzy among venture capitalists will likely be fueled by Johnson & Johnson's acquisition of Maya's Mom, a social network for mommies. Johnson & Johnson already owns advice site BabyCenter, making Maya's Mom a logical add-on. It would all be innocuous news if Maya's Mom was not swaddled in controversy, thanks to TechCrunch editor Michael Arrington.

Last April, Arrington wrote a brief but glowing review of Maya's Mom. In the original version of the post, he mentioned that founder Ann Crady Kennedy "is a former colleague and so my opinions may be favorably tinted." This disclosure was subsequently removed. Arrington was later accused of passing over a rival mommy network in favor of one he was more intimately acquainted with. Kennedy, of course, is now reaping the benefit of her ties to Arrington. And for the passed-over mommy sites? Don't worry. There's a lineup of venture capitalists waiting to get to know you better.