A memo just went around to Times employees, informing them that soon they will be able to claim their cubicles as their very own. Now everyone will really know where everyone else sits, because everyone will get a "personal sign." Ooo! Also, a tambour door looks like this. Is everyone locked into a pod or something? The full memo follows.

Dear Colleagues,

Over the next few weeks we will be installing office and workstation identification signs at 620 Eighth Avenue.

Those of you seated at workstations will receive a metal plate that is the backing for your personal sign, which will be delivered to you separately. The plate is mounted by fastening it to the outside of the tambour door cabinet with screws.

If your sign doesn't have the correct name, possibly due to a late seating plan change, please alert the installers. Your name will be added after the initial installation is complete. If noise from the work is disturbing you please ask the installers to come back at a later time.

The Real Estate Development Team