'One Tree Hill' Exec Dazzled By Talents Of Mysterious Stranger Calling Himself 'K-Fed'

As any self-respecting layabout-turned- failed-rapper- turned- custody-seeker would do, Kevin Federline has been working overtime to burnish the jaunty halo of responsibility he's placed atop his own head. His latest accomplice: One Tree Hill executive producer Mark Schwahn, who both compliments K-Fed on his two-episode guest stint and then tries to convince Us Weekly that he wasn't even aware of all the headlines — he just wanted that marvelous, talented bastard to grace his set:

Us: What did you think of the attention you got by casting him? MS: I wasn't nervous - I was surprised by it. [On the show], we're comfortable creatively. We have this unprecedented idea of jumping ahead four years [in terms of character development]. We don't need to invite Kevin in for the promotion or the press. It was about him being a good fit for the character.
Us: How many episodes has Kevin committed to? MS: Two, but it's open-ended. We have along history of being soap-esque and serialized—of having characters go away and then return. It won't be based on fan reaction. If we have stories to tell for his character and the dates line up, he'll come back.

It's ballsy enough to claim K-Fed was the best man for this job (or any job), infamy be damned. But for a working, presumably conscious showrunner to express interest in prolonging Federline's gig — out loud — suggests there may be a lively hallucinogenic drug culture burgeoning under the rock he calls home. Which is perfect if your day job involves feigning an interest in the fact that One Tree Hill is still on the schedule, but not so handy if you ever want to add any other credits to the ol' resume beyond producing PopoZäo: The Movie.