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BLACK ROCK CITY — Still no real live power-geek sighting yet campers, but you'll be pleased to note that through the miracle of modern technology, you too can be on the playa without actually being on the playa! Scott Beale of Laughing Squid, a Burning Man attendee from way back, shows us how it's done with his recent fab roundup of the Paul Addis debacle — Addis being the man who attempted to torch the Burning Man statue four days early. Also not here is sex and tech writer Violet Blue, who nonetheless wrote a handy dandy Burning Man Sex Tip Guide for all of us looking to get laid with alkali dust for lube. Hot Perl programmerKirrily "Skud" Robert, who was here, enjoyed herself immensely, but had to hightail it back to civilization early. Maybe the harsh conditions of the desert and the daily struggle for survival couldn't compare to an old-fashioned startup power struggle.