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BLACK ROCK CITY — Burning Man, the annual arts and "counterculture" festival in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada, is also known for the harsh conditions associated with being in the fucking desert, people. Here's the casualty list for the moment: Yours truly found herself a little bit faint on the open playa, and lacking Internet access to Twitter for help, merely doused herself in water and hitched a ride on a passing art car. We have decided to become largely nocturnal, like all higher-functioning desert creatures. Lane Hartwell, photo correspondent for, has been taking gorgeous pictures as usual, but succumbed to a touch of the old heatstroke and electrolyte imbalance this afternoon. She is just dandy now with the application of Gatorade and a little lie-down. Those who breathed a sigh of relief that they would not end up on the Wired blog are now SOL. Rumor has it that Stefan Magdalinski, CTO of Moo, the popular printer of business cards decorated with Flickr photos, is en route, but is mysteriously not returning phone calls, email or Twitter. His arrival was apparently imminent this morning, and will continue to be imminent until we can figure out if he's taken off for Mexico instead of Black Rock City. More as more geeks show up, keel over, or go missing.