We have to admit that the recent news of Owen Wilson's drug addictions and suicide attempt has thrown us for a bit of a loop. If we can't trust America's favorite funny-friend rapscallion not to slit his wrists after a three-day oxycontin bender, well, what can we trust? Answer: The experts at Radar magazine! Their PR pitch just landed in a tipster's inbox: "As Owen Wilson loses his first movie role following his reported suicide attempt, some wonder if this is indicative of more backlash to come for the actor? A Radar editor is available for comment." But wait, there's more!

Owen Wilson is said to be no longer scheduled to appear in the movie "Tropic Thunder," directed by Ben Stiller and headlined by Jack Black and Robert Downey Jr. While Wilson had not yet begun shooting his part in the ensemble comedy, people are no doubt speculating what Wilson's tragedy will mean for his career and life going forward?

An editor from Radar magazine ( www.radaronline.com) is available to discuss the repercussions of Wilson's situation, including:

  • Career: Will Hollywood embrace or snub Wilson following his recovery? Will he be insurable?
  • Romance: It seems that everything can be overlooked in Hollywood—but what about romance? Will Wilson be more likely to take his relationships more seriously after this life-altering situation?
    How does Kate Hudson fit into this situation, if at all?
  • Mentally/Emotionally: Screw what Hollywood thinks—will Owen Wilson be able to bounce back from this mentally and emotionally? If drugs are partially to blame, will this be a wake-up call that will help him kick his use?
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