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Videoblogger Robert Scoble's future employer may well turn out to be, the website for which he's dumped ostensible paycheck-issuer PodTech to carry his video screeds. but there's one small problem with this plan: The loyal readers of his Scobleizer blog hate Kyte. Moreover, they claim Scoble is losing his way. They want the old Scoble back — the blogger who actually, you know, wrote blog posts. They want full text that they can scan, consistent with Scoble's diehard stance in favor of full-text blog feeds, rather than sitting through minutes of pointless video.

Scoble's readers say Kyte's video quality is horrible, bogs down Internet Explorer, and isn't searchable. It doesn't matter that Scoble, compares it favorably to PodTech's video technology and concludes "I loves Kyte and will keep using it." His audience, for once, disagrees. And without an audience, there'd be no Scobleizer. Can't we dream?