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BLACK ROCK CITY — Here at Media Mecca, the press center for Black Rock City, site of the loosely countercultural event Burning Man, the usual travails and torture of being in the middle of harsh desert conditions — spotty Internet, no beer left in the cooler, subpar fare in the commissary, failing air conditioning — are beginning to wear on the whine-prone members of the Burning Man press corps. Answer us this: What correspondent for a well-known tech magazine was freaking out the other day over a compilation of playa frustrations? The Internet connection was going down, he had to be three different places "right now," and he was sitting in the corner, muttering threateningly to himself, "bad choices," "you're fucking kidding me," and "god fucking dammit"?. The desert takes its toll, friends. Guess the identity of the hissyfitting hack in the comments.