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When the Lower East Side hotspot the Box was raided last week, the accepted narrative was that it had to do with drugs, dirty drugs and the celebrities who do drugs. (And everyone pointed at poor Cuba Gooding Jr!) This was the story put forth by the Post as well as several eyewitness accounts. Simon Hammerstein, who owns the Box along with Serge Becker and a couple of other dudes, said the raid had to do with some unsigned form or something. Then we got this missive in the inbox in the middle of the night. Keep in mind our correspondent's email address includes the word "boi" and he was probably high out of his mind.

Hey I was at the box the night it was "Raided" and it was so not about drugs there was no police running around, it was the health department and they closed it cause of a stupid document that was not updated from what my friends who work there told me, no one was being searched and it was not like anything the Post wrote. or what all these so called people who were there said. Its very upsetting to me cause I have had some real great time's at the Box and the show is fun and so what NY needs. it's to bad that some people are just haters.

You here that, Serge Becker haters? It was so not about drugs!