Yesterday the Daily News's resident Aussie-gossie Ben Widdicombe took a break from doing blind items about closeted actors and offered up this little gem: "Which struggling new glossy is so out of money that staffers are having to pay for photos on personal credit cards?" Hmm! The reader who sent this in suggested it was Portfolio, but we're inclined to disbelieve that; for one thing, there's the famous $100 million figure that's been bandied about ad nauseam, and for another, Condé would probably close down first. To be extra fair, we considered all the suspects.

The first one that immediately springs to mind is Radar—no one really knows how much Yusuf Jackson is on the hook for, and maybe, after all that, the involvement of Ron Burkle really is just that—a rumor? Or maybe not, and Daddy Burkle just lost interest.

Other possibilities: OK!, though supposedly they're on an upswing; 02138, though it's not really glossy—it's more matte; GOOD, but don't they have like a gajillion dollars?; and... gosh, we're stumped. Radar it is then?

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