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Mark Rubash, the Yahoo finance executive who recently left the troubled Web giant — this, despite having the favor of new president Sue Decker — emailed Valleywag to deny that he lost a turf war with Rachel Glaser. If anything, he won the turf war, he says, getting offered a job in which he would have overseen Glaser's group. Instead, he turned down the job and left altogether. He's now CFO at Rearden Commerce, a startup in Foster City. In his note, though, he leaves a tantalizing hint about Glaser.

Rubash noted that, though the new job would have given him authority over Glaser's group, he believed life would be "more enjoyable and rewarding elsewhere." Wow. As unpleasant as Glaser is to work for, could she really be that unpleasant to have as an underling, too? Apparently. Rumor has is that former Yahoo CEO Terry Semel banned Glaser — like Semel, an air commuter from L.A. to Yahoo's Sunnyvale HQ — from the corporate jet.