EarthLink drops the San Francisco Wi-Fi project

Following yesterday's daily dose of EarthLink doom — the Internet service providerlaid off 900 employees, including municipal Wi-Fi networks president Don Berryman — the copmany has decided San Franciscans aren't worthy of free Internet after all. CEO Rolla Huff called up god-mayor Gavin Newsom to say, as a Newsom spokesman put it, "they were not going to be able to fulfill their end of the bargain." The mayor's office says it's still committed to blanketing San Francisco with Wi-Fi, and is counting on Google to remain an "anchor" while the city shops for more vendors. Newsom is also placing a measure on November's ballot asking to use public and private funds to get the network of the ground. Good luck with getting free Wi-Fi, you dirty hippies. As we've said, you don't deserve it.