BLACK ROCK CITY — Jonathan Grubb, maverick something-or-other of software developer RubyRed Labs, had an informative and enlightening column about the many types of Burning Man attendees published in The Black Rock Beacon. The Beacon is one of many carefully edited, lovingly printed, well-researched news outlets on the playa, and they use the interesting and charmingly old-fashioned medium of actual paper to get their message out. But they use an interesting technique to get their content out: copy and paste. Grubb's column, you see, was taken verbatim from a blog post he wrote last December. Ah well. After the jump, nonetheless, a quick list of Grubb's eight Burning Man archetypes, with our comments.

  1. Hippies Absolutely.
  2. Yuppies Tragically.
  3. Rednecks Surprisingly.
  4. Software engineers See "Yuppies."
  5. Retirees They already have RVs, after all.
  6. Frat boys See "Yuppies."
  7. Fetishists See "Software engineers."
  8. Burners See "Frat boys."