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Robert Scoble, ostensible PodTech videoblogger, is at it again: Armed with magic marker and whiteboard, he plots the "blog of the future" — on video, alas, not in an actual blog post. His dream features for the uberblog boil down to two categories: First, visual elements and themes readily available today, no time machine required, but Scoble, not "a pretty expert HTMLer," can only draw imaginary boxes to represent them. Second, a utopian merger of Facebook, blogs, and desktop apps that we've already heard about before from Scoble. Along the way, Scoble uses a few books from his desk and swooshing sound effects to simulate Apple's popular Cover Flow media-browsing technology. And from this, we learn that PodTech hasn't gotten him an eraser for his beloved whiteboard. We were spared the hour Scoble could spend "just talking about comments" — thank you. Oh, and his readers are still complaining about his use of video and The full, and fully unwatchable, video after the jump.