'Ugly Betty' Gifts Posh Spice With A Hard-Earned Job In Her Strange New Land

It's heart-warming to see that somebody in this country understands the plight of the plucky immigrant. After enduring the extreme physical and mental stress of dodging the paparazzi with a sex doll dressed up in your likeness and finding the perfect multi-million-dollar mansion in Los Angeles all by her lonesome, our malnourished heroine Victoria Beckham has been clutched warmly to Ugly Betty's ample, restorative bosom:

Victoria Beckham has landed her first acting role on prime-time U.S. television, appearing as herself in an episode of the popular comedy "Ugly Betty," the ABC broadcast network said on Thursday.
Beckham, the fashionista wife of English soccer player David Beckham, will play a celebrity bridesmaid in an episode of the popular show based on life at a fashion magazine. The episode will be filmed in the autumn.

Finally, after years of hard tanning, Posh's great American Dream has been realized. We applaud the producers for their generosity of spirit and wise stunt-casting: Not only might it give us the chance to watch Mrs. Beckham struggle to twist her face into a second expression, but propping Posh's toothpick frame up next to Betty is perfect for perpetuating the absurd premise that America Ferrera is even remotely plump.