Some commenters are just so gosh-darn helpful in relaying the kind of information that we absolutely need to know to, as they say, move the story forward. They deserve an award: the ridiculously named but earnestly felt Helpful Critter award.

First, there's the always-helpful ArtyNimue1, who seems to know quite a bit about the inner workings of the New York Times. Regarding the ad for a stringer in the Chicago bureau, Arty writes:

Funny, it doesn't mention that it probably won't be salary, meaning no benefits at all, except for that warm feeling of underwriting the lives of the chosen few. Paid vacations? Sorry, staffers took them all.

KarenUhOh, who can always be relied upon for legal advice, provides some context for Tucker Carlson's admission that he's a gay basher:

What he has done, if this happened fairly recently, is confess to assault and battery, for which he could be sued civilly. And god damn it I'd take his little bowtied ass and pound it into the urinal of the American Judicial System.

DarienLake informed us that former Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia exec and TimeOut NY president Cyndi Stivers is also on board the new Page Six The Magazine. Innaresting. So they're building up the business side just as smartly (or expensively!) as they are the editorial.

Commenter BarelyBlack offers up a different perspective on the Village Voice:

Everyone is bitching about Tony [Ortega], but no one really knows what's on his mind. It was probably an honest mistake. But every freelancer who has EVER dealt with Ward [Harkavy] knows that he's a psychopath in desperate need of medication. Why the VVM keeps Ward while firing everyone else is a mystery that can only be explained by ass licking or cocksucking. And if you've ever seen Ward in person you are throwing up in your mouth right now, just a little.

Thanks critters! Couldn't make it without ya!

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