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BLACK ROCK CITY — In between weathering dust storms, drinking heavily and stalking Internet tycoons, we have come in contact with an amusing assortment of tech people who have come to Burning Man to shrug off their work cares and forget about the Web for a few precious, hot, dusty hippie-filled days. We managed to tackle Stef Magdalinski, illustrous CTO of, as he was puttering about his camp.

(Moo, if you're not familiar with its work already, prints those pint-sized business cards emblazoned with Flickr photos on the back. If someone hasn't handed you one yet, you need to attend more Lunch 2.0 events.) We were going to hogtie Magdalinski and take staged photos of him naked and covered in engine grease to sate our readership's need for news, but he distracted us with a handful of shiny stickers. We're still trying though, sit tight.