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BLACK ROCK CITY — The story so far: In between desert heat, bronchus-choking dust storms, too many Tecates, and a lingering desire to throw rebar tent stakes at the ravers across the street, we here have been continuing in our mission to spot Google bigwigs Sergey Brin and Larry Page, who are rumored to be raging around the playa in comfort as participants in this year's Burning Man festival.

On a tip from an informant close to the pair, we did some reconnaissance work out at the 2 o'clock end of the city, which is home to the high-decibel sound installations and rave camps. (Black Rock City is laid out like a clock, with loud stuff at ten and two, and quieter, more civil installations in between).

While comatose ravers and stoned hippies lay on fluffy pillows in the shade, Camp I Am, the rumored home of the Google deuce, was quietly buzzing with activity, three RVs surrounding a shaded area set up with long folding tables and chairs. There was no glitter in sight, nor was anyone in the complex wearing day-glo, so we knew this might be the place. One young man fretting over a laptop on a table mentioned he was getting screamingly fast Internet connectivity, another good indication that our trail was warming up. Must check in with one's broker and administrative minions, even on vacation, mustn't one?

The highlight of the campsite was a splendidly engineered shower setup, with opaque plastic sheet walls and a recirculating system, making that sweet, sweet desert shower last as long as you want. Correspondents who made use of the device said "ZOMG best Shower EVAR!!" and "Wow those Google guys sure know how to participate." Did they know that the nature of the recirculating system meant that they very well might be showering themselves in Larry and Sergey's sweat?