Remember the recent news about Wikiscanner, the website that allows you to see who has edited individual Wikipedia entries? British publication Private Eye has put it to good use, finding that the Wikipedia page for Wendi Deng, wife of Wall Street Journal proprietor and world tabloid overlord Rupert Murdoch, went through some very interesting changes from some unexpected locations.

Her Wikipedia entry....

was the subject of frantic revisions a few weeks back when Fortune hack Eric Ellis wrote a 10,000-word profile of her for an Australian magazine. An anonymous contributor operating from the IP address [deleted] sections of the Wikipedia entry which referred to Ellis's piece as a 'well-researched' exposé 'that Deng herself and Murdoch have been making every effort to suppress.' A quick search discloses that is in fact the IP address of one Jason Ripkey - an IT coordinator at the New York Headquarters of Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation!

Say what you will about Murdoch, there's gotta be something good about someone who inspires such devotion in even the tech department.

Private Eye [Article not online]