Whether or not you see footage of rats running freely in New York's favorite Italian restaurant Da Silvano on the T.V. later this week—probably Wednesday!—depends on the backroom legal maneuvering of lawyer and general fixer Eddie Hayes. Rats, despite the popularity of Ratatouille, generally tend to be bad for business. And Fox News would like nothing more than to wound Da Silvano, a "stronghold of the cultural left," says Hayes. But the same liberal media mafia that (supposedly!) made Silvano Marchetto a target just might be his salvation.

When Marchetto found out about the video he called one of his regulars, a Condé Nast exec. He told Silvano to call Eddie Hayes. And Eddie Hayes called the network.

"Look," said Hayes, "there's construction of four sides of the building. Of course rats are gonna come out." And: "I said, 'You had to see there was big fucking dumpsters in front of the place. How the fuck did you miss that?'"

Hayes isn't usually one to ever have to file a suit. He did however bring up the term false light. "I said to them, look [by running the video], you're creating an impression that is false. You have to devote some amount of time to show the whole place is surrounded by heavy duty construction." In any event: We'll find out soon enough.