Seth Mnookin Gets Mnarried

Every week, Intern Alexis combs the Times' Weddings and Celebrations section, seeing which notables have joined the ranks of the marrieds. Good luck to all these poor suckers; we're certain they will all be posting on messageboards about their issues with "DH" in no time.

Shout outs this week must be given to the Martha's-Vineyard-vacationing Harvard heavyweights Teresa Clarke and John Ellis, the incesty-seeming Sachs-Sachs union, the former Pentagon interns Ensign Tilney and Major Burke, whose romance blossomed and bloomed on the sandy airfields of Kuwait, and the hippie-dippies Rose Friedman and Justin Lander, the latter of whom caught the former's attention by eating a raccoon. Holla to you all. But none of these people could compete with this week's winners.

Sara James and Seth Mnookin: 27 points

  • Both Sara and Seth are Conde Nast employees (she the fashion news editor of Men's Vogue, he (apparently still) a contributing editor at Vanity Fair): +10
  • Sara is keeping her name: -1
  • Sara's mother owns a surf shop: +2
  • Sara is the author of the "What If..." series of young adult novels: +2
  • Seth's acupuncturist conducted the ceremony: +1
  • Seth is the author of two hard-hitting books: Feeding the Monster: How Money, Smarts, and Nerve Took a Team to the Top, about the owners, executives and players who took the Boston Red Sox to the World Series championship in 2004, and Hard News: Twenty-One Brutal Months at The New York Times and How They Changed the American Media, an account of the Times under the editorship of Howell Raines: +5
  • Seth is being celebrated in the newspaper that he criticized. So, for pulling an "Anne Hathaway now on the cover of Teen Vogue": +5
  • Seth graduated cum laude from Harvard: +3