Every week, Intern Alexis combs the Times' Weddings and Celebrations section, seeing which notables have joined the ranks of the marrieds. Good luck to all these poor suckers; we're certain they will all be posting on messageboards about their issues with "DH" in no time.

Shout outs this week must be given to the Martha's-Vineyard-vacationing Harvard heavyweights Teresa Clarke and John Ellis, the incesty-seeming Sachs-Sachs union, the former Pentagon interns Ensign Tilney and Major Burke, whose romance blossomed and bloomed on the sandy airfields of Kuwait, and the hippie-dippies Rose Friedman and Justin Lander, the latter of whom caught the former's attention by eating a raccoon. Holla to you all. But none of these people could compete with this week's winners.

Sara James and Seth Mnookin: 27 points

  • Both Sara and Seth are Conde Nast employees (she the fashion news editor of Men's Vogue, he (apparently still) a contributing editor at Vanity Fair): +10
  • Sara is keeping her name: -1
  • Sara's mother owns a surf shop: +2
  • Sara is the author of the "What If..." series of young adult novels: +2
  • Seth's acupuncturist conducted the ceremony: +1
  • Seth is the author of two hard-hitting books: Feeding the Monster: How Money, Smarts, and Nerve Took a Team to the Top, about the owners, executives and players who took the Boston Red Sox to the World Series championship in 2004, and Hard News: Twenty-One Brutal Months at The New York Times and How They Changed the American Media, an account of the Times under the editorship of Howell Raines: +5
  • Seth is being celebrated in the newspaper that he criticized. So, for pulling an "Anne Hathaway now on the cover of Teen Vogue": +5
  • Seth graduated cum laude from Harvard: +3