Stan Oleynick sets a record for Internet snake-oil sales

Stan Oleynick sets a record for Internet snake-oil salesStan Oleynick, the smug guy pictured here, wants to sell his name to raise capital for his new startup. The highest bidder will win the chance to rename the 23-year-old and a 10 percent stake of the entrepreneur's planned "revolutionary" venture. To sweeten the pot, Stan promises to break a world record, thereby getting into the Guinness Book of World Records, where his sponsored name will live on forever — or until someone else beats the former Oleynick's record by eating more hotdogs in an hour or whatever. Sound suspicious? We thought so, too. And it turns out this is just the latest of Oleynick's self-promotional stunts.

Two years ago, he created this breathless PR release touting, a Million Dollar Homepage copycat. Oleynick, though, charged $100 per "virtual acre" instead of $1 per pixel, in a precursor to today's Weblo scheme. Sounds like Oleynick is the type of guy to sell you a bridge, doesn't it? Fun fact, he's done that, too! (Musical bridges, but still.) Another venture, eNthem, sold custom-made songs to corporations for $499 per song.

So, how are his businesses doing now? Can't quite tell. eNthem is "under construction" and Million Dollar State is suspended. Is there a Guinness record for failed startups? We think Stan's on his way.