The Internet just imploded: HBO, television's supposed savior, has paid "six figures" for the rights to a Second Life "documentary" titled "My Second Life: The Video Diaries of Molotov Alva." For the uninitiated, machinima, short films recorded entirely within the game world, is a rather popular genre among the videogaming set and usually parodies of the originating property.

The most famous machinima series is the five-season long Red Vs Blue, which is based on, and in, Bungie's Halo 2. Apparently HBO hopes to cash in on the virtual world/machinima hype with My Second Life. The short segments star Molotov Alva, a dude who disappears from his first life and winds up recording video diaries in his second one in an attempt to figure out how he wound up there. Sounds like most Second Life users I know. I'm always wondering what happened to their actual first lives, too.