So some taxi drivers are on strike? And some aren't? Live from the carnage:

The taxi strike is having a noticeable affect on Manhattan streets. During the morning rush hour there have been a lot fewer cabs at the Port Authority Terminal on Eighth Avenue and 42nd Street. Uusually there are a line of cabs to pick up passengers. But this morning there was a line of people waiting. People have been sharing cabs — two and three passengers at a time.

Did you read that? Two and three at a time! It's like the goddamn Blitz out there, people! We need to pull together and show our fighting spirit during these trying times. Stick together, and we'll make it through. If sharing a cab is what's required of you, do your patriotic duty as a New Yorker and share a cab. Or, you know, TAKE THE FUCKING SUBWAY.

Taxi Driver Group Begins Two-Day Strike [AP] [Image: 1010 WINS]