Yesterday when we reported the presence of rats at Da Silvano, it seemed Fox 5's Inside Edition was singling out Silvano Marchetto's downtown restaurant as an embodiment for the rat-infested moral morass in which the cultural left wallows. But, no! As Eater reports, if any lesson is being pushed here, it's that New York City is a stinking Sodom and Gomorrah where rats roam freely in the kitchens of New York's restaurants and that while money might insulate you from the vagaries of the marketplace, it shan't protect you from the swarms of rodents. Among the other 22 restaurants Inside Edition's Rat Patrol "visited" are Peter Lugers, Blue Water Grill, Blue Ribbon and the tony butcher Ottomanelli's.

To be fair, the Rat Patrol showed up between one and four a.m., when few if any diners were actually at the restaurants. And as one refreshingly honest Tribeca restaurateur rejoined, "Do you think you can come up with a restaurant in Manhattan that doesn't have this problem?"

In the preemptive aftermath of the reportage, set to air tonight 6:00 PM on My 9 and tomorrow at 11:30 AM on FOX 5, Silvano Marchetto, this story's Floyd Landis, vowed to throw away all the food in his restaurant. Now whether he'll be able to keep the yellow awning is to be decided.