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Google has summarily disinvited Dan Frommer, editor at New York-based tech blog Silicon Alley Insider, from its October 3 press soiree. The excuse? A Google spokesperson told him that "this event is very much consumer-focused and based on your coverage, the content does not seem aligned with your topic area." As if Google itself fits in better with the content produced by invited guests W and Women's Wear Daily? Right. Sounds like an insecure college freshman, trying to associate with the sorority girls and cut ties from longtime nerd friends, lest she seem uncool by association.

Watch out, though, Google PR. You think by inviting people from "consumer-focused" women's magazines, you're going to avoid hard tech questions and be able to give them the cutesy party line about the greatness of Google? It's not going to work that way. You're just opening yourself up to questions about Eric Schmidt's gal pal Marcy Simon. These magazines don't know much about tech, but they sure do love a good scandal.