Last night, New York magazine editor (and Gawker alum) Jesse Oxfeld threw a little "back to school" party. I've asked five attendees to recall who they saw there as a bit of ethnomethodological data-gathering.

The list:

Nat Ives, Ad Age
Lindsay Robertson, Comedy Central
Gabriel Delahaye, 23/6
Mo Rocca
Lockhart Steele, Curbed
Gabe Sherman, Portfolio
Betsy Burton, Time
Meghan Keane, New York Sun
Serena Torrey, NY mag
Duff McDonald, Portfolio contributing editor
Richard Blakeley, Gawker
Tricia Romano, Village Voice
Scott Kidder, Gawker
Jesse Oxfeld's brother (David Oxfeld, New York Mets)
Janet Ozzard, New York mag
Rose Apodaca (formerly of WWD)
"Some lawyer who I always think is an editor at Harper's"
Jonathan Van Gieson
Frank Bruni, New York Times
Three Hungarian programmers who work for Gawker Media. One of whom was wearing a "Pole Dancing Championship" t-shirt.
Daniel Mauser, from
Chris Rovzar, New York mag
Julia Allison, Star
Jeff Bercovici, Portfolio
Jessica Coen, New York mag
Ben Widdicombe, NYDN
Nick Denton, Gawker Media
John Carney,
Will Leitch,
Kerry Lauerman,
Bennett Madison, writer
Emily Gould, Gawker
Alex Balk, Gawker
Nick Confessore, New York Times
Jordan Miller
Noelle Hancock, Us Weekly
Jo Piazza, NYDN
Jeremy McCarter, NY mag
Justin Rocket Silverman, AM NY
Andrew Hearst, Vanity Fair
Campbell Robertson, New York Times
Noah Tarnow, host of The Big Quiz Thing
Spencer Morgan, New York Observer
Jada Yuan, New York mag
Neel Shah, wherever the hell he works now. Oh right, Radar.

Omissions? Additions? Misidentifications? Do share.