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While gabby Grey's Anatomy gay-conspiracy victim Isaiah Washington finds himself running out of media outlets willing to let him break his silence yet again about the shadowy machinations that led to his dismissal from the hit show (really, once you've chatted with Star Jones in football metaphors, there's nowhere left to go), reporters are begging Grey's slur-survivor T.R. Knight to say something, anything, about the F-Bomb That Continues To Rock The World of Primetime Television Nearly A Year After The Fact. But not even a bottomless basket of garlic knots and untold glasses of honor-bar chianti at one of Venice's finest family-style Italian eateries could entice the actor to abandon the high road he's so committed to traveling, as the LAT discovered recently:

Over the last 11 months, especially since Washington's gabfest began, Heigl said, she has often wished her friend would speak up about so much more. But Knight is adamant that he has said all he will ever need to say, even as Washington was appearing on Court TV's "Star Jones" show as Knight finished his ravioli at the C&O Trattoria.

"I have nothing, absolutely nothing to say about it," Knight said, his leg tapping underneath the table, his speech slowing considerably. "With all due respect, I haven't said much at all, but I have said some, and I don't need to say more. That's all I need to. That's all I will talk about. That's all. 'Cause it's, 'cause it's August of '07. I'm just saying the day, it's August of '07. And it's a beautiful sunny day. In. August. Of 2007."

Knight's "no comment during beautiful, sunny days in August of 2007" policy on the Washington situation is a savvy one, but with the Emmys looming—for which he's nominated in the best supporting actor category, let's not forget—he won't be able to avoid discussing the lingering ugliness forever. Should he walk away with the coveted statuette on September 26th, there will be a bloodthirsty mob of controversy-mongering media members waiting to assail him backstage who are unlikely to accept his polite deflections—that is, unless co-star/enforcer Katherine Heigl is again at his side, threatening to disembowel any reporter harassing her sensitive best friend with the razor-sharp wings of his gilded Emmy angel.

[Photo: LAT]