We understand that until very recently, these new "chairs" at the New York Times had a handmade sign on them that said: "Homage to Urinal Cake, Andy Warhol." The objects, in the second floor by the elevators, were so perplexing that an editor on the Business desk, Ken Meyn, felt compelled to send around an email explaining what they were —and that they retail for $1,673. How many of those make up a news assistant's salary? The email follows.

Ladies and Gentlemen:

In case you were staying up nights wondering what those white circular swiss-cheesy looking things in the corner of the 2d floor elevator lobby are, I offer this for your consideration and delectation. (Thanks to Leslie Wayne for bringing this to me.)

Osorom by Konstantin Grcic for Moroso
$1,673 / Available at moroso.it

From Dwell Magazine
Expert Opinion: It's a seating product and I cannot see how you'd use it as a table, because a glass would fall inside and a lamp would [wobble]; is wouldn't be stable. But I think the form is really beautiful; it's like a sculpture in the room. I like the transparency of it. If you don't need to use it, and you just put, say, a magazine on it, then it's nice. But it would not work as a table.

What We Think: Since we're likely to kick over a glass anyway, we can't help but throw caution to the wind with this seating/table element. Grcic was able to be both delicate and substantive at once, and this table would hold up well to a shod foot. If space and seating is an issue, it could double as a chair, which is useful in both small apartments and lounging areas.