Yesterday we wondered if the prostitution industry still has a presence on 42nd Street. If one of our readers is to be believed, it does! Bonus seventies nostalgia included free!

That giant hole on 42nd and 8th used to be a parking lot where, according to my uncle, you could get a really cheap blow job. That's what he supposedly did the first time he stepped foot in NY back in the 70s. Actually, the first thing he did was get robbed at knifepoint, but that wasn't as pleasant.

Anyway, I live a few blocks south and I usually only have to deal with crackheads on my doorstep. But I remember one very special weekend last October when I returned at 3 in the morning and these two black guys and this black girl walked up to me. They looked pretty normal, just kids out having a good time. But then one of the black guys asked if I wanted to go upstairs with the girl, as she most certainly wanted to go up with me. Very flattering, but I said No.

The next day, my friend Mike was smoking out front. It was around 5 in the afternoon, so no crackheads yet. But this slim Asian woman walked up to him and said, "I from Korea. Tonight my last night in America. You walk with me?"

Mike said "No, I just want to smoke my cigarette." And I guess that was it.

Two nights in a row! And we weren't even looking for it! Haven't had that luck since...

So maybe there are still a few remnants of the old 42nd Street after all. Even better, they conform to the wide array of racial and ethnic stereotypes you'd expect them too! Have any Times Square hooker stories of your own? Send them along!