Today's Thursgay Styles piece in the Times on, the "exclusive" social networking site with 150,000 members (this guy, pictured, among them), says members include "Hollywood strivers, fashion models, financiers and minor European royalty." But there's a dark side. And maybe a sexy side!

But users also include publicists and party promoters who use the site as a personal database. In theory, they are just a few clicks away from [Harvey] Weinstein, a member, or boldface names like Naomi Campbell, Quentin Tarantino and Frédéric Fekkai. (Sycophants beware: members who engage in cyber-social climbing may find themselves exiled to the chilly Siberia of a Big World, aSmallWorld's less-exclusive sister site.)

Hmm! So, like, even if they're hangers-on, they're probably still relatively rich or connected. Right? Well, not according to the email we received the other day in response to our post about hookers on Craigslist.

A Small World, the private and by invite only is notorious for hookers. 80% of their members [are] men from the Middle East. They were blocked in Dubai and set up a mirror site to continue with this practice.

Oh, really now. Maybe they'll start a mail-order bride site next.

A Facebook for the Few [NYT]