In a strange reversal, today Page Six published the answers to a blogger's blind item. And not only does Page Six say that former CNN gay hottie Thomas Roberts is the hot anchor with the nudie sex-seeking Manhunt profile (that's SFW, just shirtless shots), but they describe it as "another embarrassment" for tabloid T.V. show "The Insider" and compare it to "Insider" host Pat O'Brien's sex-partying hard-drinkin' rehab scandal. We are not so scandalized. Near as we can tell, Page Six's Paula Froelich is still a regular correspondent for "The Insider"—(or did they sever ties last Fall? That would make more sense)—despite Page Six's description of it as "a tabloid show known best for its round-the-clock coverage of Anna Nicole Smith's death and featuring carnival-like freaks during sweeps week." But we're loving the new Moral Police outlook for fall over at Page Six! It's so extremely unlikely!