The adorable scamps of CollegeHumor haven't let The Man break their spirit: They're still living the life of hard-partying sophomores, even though they've got jillions of dollars and ostensibly real jobs. Sadly, some folks aren't so amused. A note from their building's manager cites complaints about liquor bottles left in the men's room, "Drunk people hanging out the window," and, the most serious charge, "Spinning around the revolving doors over and over again." Juvenile, sure, but they're simply following in the footsteps of mentor and owner Barry Diller, who once took a shit on a QVC executive's desk "as a lark." (Kidding, Mr. Diller!)

Tragically, however, Humorist Zach Klein will no longer be participating in the fun. His last day is Friday. Zach's going solo to "socialize offline," which is a move we'd recommend for everyone in this business, even those who haven't made a fortune from pictures of passed-out college slags. Best wishes to Zack. Also of note: College Humor founder Ricky Van Veen drives a Prius.

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