• Friday: Anyone heading to Facebook board member Peter Thiel's posh VIP gathering Friday night? Let us know how it goes.
  • Saturday: The Singularity Summit takes place at the Palace of Fine Arts' theater. Be there to hear about the wonderful world of machine learning and how to shape artificial intelligence to avoid a future full of robot attacks. [Singularity Institute]
  • Tuesday: Federated Media's Conversational Marketing Summit is Tuesday and Wednesday at the Presidio. [Federated Media]
  • Wednesday: Stirr is back with another "Founders' Hacks" event, this time up in the city. Schlep your way to Mighty in Potrero Hill to hear founders from Lookery, Vadver, and OoogaLabs try and say their companies names without looking foolish. [Eventbrite]
  • Don Clark of the Wall Street Journal heads up an evening of rock music at the Rockit Room, as a fundraiser for the Girls for a Change charity. [Upcoming]

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