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Because we know that you'd never forgive us if we neglected to inform you of the opportunity to possibly fulfill your childhood dream of battling intimidatingly muscled spandex-unitard models while encased in an enormous steel hamster ball, we want to make sure you know that the Gold's Gym in Venice will be holding an opening casting call tomorrow for NBC's recently announced American Gladiators revival. Excitingly, they'll be looking both for potential gladiators and their civilian quarry during the mass audition:


The NO-HOLDS-BARRED hit competition series returns to prime-time television!

NBC is relaunching the classic competition series "American Gladiators" and is currently auditioning CONTENDERS and GLADIATORS for our upcoming premiere season.

We are looking for weekend warrior types that are BIG, bad, and athletic. If you think you have the heart, skills, and desire to COMPETE then we want to see you at THE GLADIATOR ARENA!

*You must come dressed in workout attire and appropriate footwear to be considered. You will be tested on your physical ability in areas such as strength, speed, balance and agility. We recommend bringing a workout towel and water with you to the audition.


# Please bring a non-returnable photo of yourself along with a completed application to the open call.
# Open Call Lines will begin forming 2 hours before the start time. Please do not line up prior to that.
# Time is limited and there is no guarantee that everyone will be seen-so please arrive early.

LOS ANGELES, CA - Saturday, September 8th
9:00am - 5:00pm
Gold's Gym
360 Hampton Drive
Venice, CA

We're not sure what the Gladiator hopefuls should expect tomorrow, but they should probably be prepared for anything—we wouldn't even be that surprised to discover that NBC rock star Ben Silverman, the series-recycling mastermind behind the show's resurrection, is turning up to do a few shifts behind the tennis ball cannon and get a firsthand look at the local talent he hopes will deliver him a Deal or No Deal-level hit of his own.